Monday, February 22, 2010

New and Exciting ways to hurt myself

So last week was an interesting week for me.

The Beach clan got one bigger with the addition of a new cat. Her owner decided (after 7 years) that he didn't want her and was going to give her back to the humane soceity. And since he had gotten dogs that terrorized the cat, she may not have passed the personality test...thus being put down. So it was a valentines day present.

She is a black cat, just like out other two cats. Yes we're freaks. I used to think our first cat Cassie was shy. Not compared to this cat. You make a noise and this one goes diving for cover. We're trying to get her acclimated to the house and other cats. It's going to be a very looooon slooooow process with her. And it isn't like Cassie is a very welcoming cat. She's growling and hissing with every step. It's pretty funny how worked up she'll get herself. While Lilly (cat #2) wants to be friends and is very social. The different personalities these cats have is really funny. The new cats name is Diva/Olivia/Ziva...we haven't quite decided.

we have a gate up in the hall to keep the cats separated while we're at work. I keep tripping over the thing...I halfway expect myself to trip and fall right over the railing onto the TV on the lower level. I can be a putz like that.

Well onto the training.
My weight didn't really change. I checked on Friday when I was all worn down...had actually gained a pound...went on an "I have no will-power binge of pizza hut, b-day desserts, bagels, home-made eggrolls, jelly beans, cake, etc. Weighed myself this am and I dropped that lb over the weekend.
I am very odd that way...sometimes I really think my body needs the junk in order to lose weight. I paid the price by feeling crappy most of the weekend. But it was my b-day weekend...eating like crap is my right.
Tomorrow is my actual weigh-in day. I wonder if I'll have actually lost a pound by then. I wouldn't be surprised. Now and then the body needs to be shocked. And the good news is that I am sick of crappy food and look forward to eating better this week. Funny how making yourself sick makes you want to eat better.

I got in three swims. I went to swim on Friday for my fourth swim...but was so worn down the only swimming I did was in the hot tub. I thought about getting into the arthritis pool to dance with the grandma's...but just couldn't do it. I was in the hot tub for a good 30 by the time I got out I was ready to pass out. It felt like a workout anyway.

It was a pretty light swimming week because Monday was a holiday. I don't typically go to the gym in the morning to swim on a day off. In any case my shoulder is still bugging me and I may be going to the orthopedic surgeon to have it looked at. I know there is a tear in my rotator cuff...the only question is how bad I've made it. Perhaps I'll take a shot of cortisone until after this season and then get it fixed in October. That would give me plenty of time to recover in the off season.
I've heard shoulder surgery SUCKS. Not looking forward to it.

I got in all 6 runs for 2:45. Overall I was very happy with that. My legs are a little tight from no orthotics, but nothing major. Overall feeling good. My oddball toe is still bugging me...but a little tape-job fixes that right up.

I got in 5 bike rides. It was supposed to be 6, but I just couldn't do it. It wasn't the saddle time that was wearing me down. I hadn't taken a full blown day off since Feb 2. But I did take a few real easy days in the month. But I had also been pushing myself really hard on the bike. And in fact, to a certain degree I was pushing too hard.
On some sets I was doing reps well above my functional power thresholds and only taking 60s rest instead of minutes of recovery that were needed.
If you look back at my last blog you'll see a set that I attempted and failed at. I have come to realize why I failed...someone was screwing with me when they gave me that workout. There simply isn't enough rest built into that workout to recover and be able to repeat those efforts.
It's all a learning experience for me, so it's good I didn't injur myself or completely burn myself out.

Looking back I had 2 really solid back to back weeks of training. I was right around 12hours for each week. In February that's pretty solid, especially considering the amount of higher intensity biking I did.

This coming week is now a rest week and re-test week. I've already done my baseline test for swimming. 10x100's w/10s rest - all for time. I ended with a 13:55 which translates into an average time of 1:14's I believe.
I was a bit surprised by my speed in the water at this point. I was only slightly faster at my fastest last season. I think the added fitness is really making the difference.

Tomorrow I do my run baseline. I don't have my Garmin pacing won't be exact. I have a course by my house that I run. It is about 3.5 miles and has 4 climbs that I'll call significant. So I'll take the time from that and use it for the remainder of the season...or until I find a better, flatter course I can use with the Garmin for pacing.

Thursday I am doing my bike test. I am really looking forward to that one as I've done a lot of harder bike work and believe my functional power has gone up. I am really hoping I'll be in the 310 range. Maybe even a touch higher.

This week I am starting a PMP study group for work. It is all day my weekly hours are going to come down for a month. I'm not too worried about it since Feb has been a real tough month.

I am signed up for a time trial in late march. 45 minutes on the bike. I'll be working with that in mind.

Until next time.

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