Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nothing much

Not going to post too much today.
I got a cortisone shot in my spine Monday afternoon. I was told it would take a couple days and be gradual. But I am skeptical. Tuesday the shoulder felt ok. Today I have the same burning sensation in my armpit-ish area...and I didn't even swim.

I had my doubts about the bulging disc causing this. Hopefully the doctor is right. But I think they should have MRI'd the shoulder too. The burning seems to be all under the shoulder blade and down into the arm. Certainly not the same as the rotator cuff, but who knows. UGH.

My PMP exam is Monday. Once that is done I'll be picking up the mileage in running and biking.

Running is going great. Still doing 25:50:75. Will keep it there this week and then start increasing it next week. Once I hit 30:60:90 I'll stay there for quite a while. I'll probably start adding in some threshold work too.

Biking is coming along. Not getting in as much time as I'd like. But doing some solid interval work. Yesterday I did 30 minutes at 315 watts. That is supposed to be my FTP. I could have held it longer but I am not sure I could have held on 30 minutes more. Saturday is the 45 min time trial, assuming the trainer is calibrated properly I'm going to try to hit 315-320 watts.

I wanted to post the running program I'm doing. For any runners out there reading this, I suggest you read the links. They are great.

The Program Part 1;search_string=barryp;guest=82231354&t=search_engine#2611228

The Program Part 2

The Program Part 3;search_string=barryp;guest=82231354&t=search_engine#2564153

Train for the shape you are in:;search_string=barryp;guest=82231354&t=search_engine#2571241

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