Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good News!

So I just got the results of the MRI.

I did strain some ligamint. I honestly can't remembter the name of it. It is on the outside of my left knee and runs down into my calf. It is still fairly sore to the touch.
There was a minor meniscus tear towards the back of the knee, he doesn't feel that will interfere with anything. is not necessary.
Full recovery will take 4-6 weeks. However I can resume activity immediately so long as I can handle it. And I should wear a brace running for the first couple weeks to help support the strain as I will be more prone to hyper extensions for a while.
This really is the best possible prognosis.

So my plan is simple.
I did not withdraw from Racine 70.3. I'll go in a bit undertrained and just be conservative. It isnt' an A race anyway.
I suspect I will try to blow up the swim a bit, since I can.
I'll then be conservative on the bike. Where I might normally try for 260 on the bike, I'll probably stick with 245-250 since I really havent' posted enough long rides/runs.
And then I'll do the best I can running. Hopefully I won't need the brace then, but I am not going to kill my transitions anyway. It will be a good race and training day.

If gear grinder covers Triing for Childrens I'll do that.
Depending on what a couple friends do, I may go to the Manitowoc sprint.
Otherwise I will do one August race and otherwise train for nationals.

I'd love to qualify for worlds. Not sure I can or will. Nor am I sure I'd go if I did. But I want to be competitive. And since I can resume running very soon, I'll be able to get in a solid 2.5 months of running and biking.

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