Saturday, June 11, 2011

And the season kicks off with a ... dnf

So I figured I'd have to write something sometime.  Since most people I know are racing Elkhart Lake, I figured now would be a good time to write.
But wait you may say...aren't you supposed to be at Elkhart Lake Eric?  That's a great question.

The short answer to that is yes I was...but no I am not.

So lets get into it.

Race report for Triple T.  DNF.
Prior to heading down my SI joing and hip had become a real problem.  the pain was very sharp and it wouldn't go away.  I had taken some rest and was hopeful driving down.

Friday was the super sprint.  Everything went well but when I did the 1 mile run my hip was a bit sore.
Saturday I got up, did the swim and bike...but during the bike my hip got very sore.  first step into T2 and my leg couldn't take a lot of weight.  stopped right there. 

On the bright side, my swim has really gotten good.  I suspect TTT was a touch short, but I still got out of the water in 17min and hit T1 at 17:45.  There was a long run into T1.

Since then I tried to work through it.  Fail.

Since last week I've been on absolute rest other than swimming.  I was all set to go and race at Elkhart knowing I'd bust loose on the swim and hopefully win the $100 swim prime.  Then I'd just noodle the bike and probably walk the run to come in DFL. 
Unfortunately we recieved word late last night that Aimee's uncle passed away suddendly from a heart attack.  While racing is something of a priority in my life, its not that much of a priority.  So I came home to be with Aimee.

I was supposed to race high cliff next weekend.  DNS.  My hip has not improved to the point where I can bike or run yet.  I suspect I'll be taking this coming week off as well.

My thoughts are turning to end of season races now.  Its frustrating, but I did it to myself by messing with my bike fit.  Now I get to deal with "LoEID"  Lack of Exercise Induced Depression.

Until next time.

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