Friday, February 22, 2013

Operation Diagnosis

Alright, I've tallied everything up regarding this hamstring/back/glute/etc issue. Over the last 3 years I have seen 6 doctors, I've had 2 MRI's (read by two different radiologists), multiple x-rays, and a ridiculous number of manual tests. I've seen multiple massage therapists. An A.R.T. practitioner, a chiropractor, and multiple PT's.

Despite all that I am still undiagnosed and a little tired of the ordeal.  I'm wishing Dr. House was real.  And I do find being pushed from doctor to doctor a little irritating.  So, in the interests of getting diagnosed, I thought I'd post my symptoms online so that the 'big giant brain' that is the Internet can assist.  Maybe a prize will go to the winner.

So here are the details.

The issue presents itself with sharp pain in the middle of the glute. Left side only. Very rarely higher, however the pain can and does go down the leg to the back of the knee. Very early on (2-3 years ago) it presented with a burning type sensation that felt like fatigue in the glute and hamstring. When I didn't give it the rest it needed it was debilitating sharp pain when I walked/ran and did other side to side motions.
It still does that today, but lately it seems to tighten up the entire hamstring. The actual issue started back up after I'd changed my bike fit back to an optimal fit (according to retul) from what was a fit by my PT that took a lot of pressure off my hamstring. So the seat was a lot more forward and lower with my PT and the retul raised it back up. I noticed some mild pain when I made the change and hoped I'd get used to it. I even lowered my seat a little bit to help. But on New Year’s Eve while doing a 10k run the entire hamstring basically locked up. The next day the same old pain in the glute came back.

The injury, when not symptomatic, can take the pounding of running without any issue, however as I just described, when coupled with cycling (retul fit vs. PT's fit) the symptoms flare up quickly and cause problems with running. When symptomatic running is not possible without further aggravating the issue. I can typically feel it within a minute or two of starting the run.

Sitting seems to aggravate it now; I don’t recall that being the case when this originally started. The injury also appeared to respond to hamstring rehab, however the rest may have been enough. Sometimes ice and heat on the back/glute/hammy helped. Prednisone seemed to help on occasion as well…but not always. I don't take NSAIDs and Pred only when the crohns flares up.

Injections in my lower spine were ineffective.

A.R.T. is very effective for short term relief. She works on the hammy, glute, and hip flexor area. I can feel things loosen up immediately, however that usually only lasts for a few hours.

Okay, those are the symptoms.

I'm thinking about starting up a pool and taking bets. Right now I have one person who has guessed IT Band Syndrome. I am currently guessing there is an issue with my sciatic nerve.

All diagnosis ideas are welcome? 

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