Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post Surgery Update

So as many of you know, and some do not, I had surgery on my right foot on Monday.

It came on very fast as things just seemed to line up properly.  First off the injury to my piriformis muscle was creating a number of issues.  My shoulder was hurting from all the swimming, and I was basically thinking of taking some time off.  Add that to the fact that my 2nd toe on my right foot had been bothering me for a number of years, and it was time to get that corrected.

Long story short, 10 years back (roughly) I had a bunion removed off of my right foot.  As a result the big toe was shortened and the 2nd toe was very long in comparison.  Over time that toe hammered and the tendon underneath became very tight.  Walking/running gave me this tearing sensation that would range in pain depending on the day.  But it was always there and always irritating.

I rarely mentioned it because I generally pushed through.  I knew what it was and there was no real reason to complain about it as I could choose to fix it any time.  Well, the time was right.

Surgery went really well and the doc thinks he fixed everything up for me.  I was hoping I could have him get a few pictures with my phone as he was taking the saw to my toe, but Aimee didn't think that would be a good idea.  Truly a shame, I know!

Right now recovery is roughly 2-3 months.  That is for running specifically.  I'm guessing that I'll be able to bike in 1 month.  Swimming will probably come shortly after that with running being added last.

The foot is weight bearing (to a point) right now.  So I am able to get around.  I took a couple days off of work and am able to work from home as well.  Tomorrow I'll be back in the office with some ice and a pillow.

In any case, my race schedule for the season is "kaput".  But that's okay as I had no real race goals anyway.  I'm hoping I can come back from the surgery fully rehabbed and ready to go. 

On a side note, I need to watch the calorie intake or else I'm gonna look like this in 4 weeks:

Anyway, I'll keep up with the updates as I progress.

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  1. Best of luck in your recovery! When i recovered from back surgery a few years ago.. Patience was Not one of my virtues and it delayed the process a lot. On the bright side, you will be a speedy swimmer when this is all over.