Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Little Ray of Sunshine

For a change of pace I have some good things to write about.

My foot appears to be healing just fine.  I get the pin out of my toe next week Wednesday.  Overall I am walking with no pain and in a normal shoe.  Although I don't know that I'm supposed to be in a normal shoe, I am doing so without any pain.  In fact, I'm walking better now, 3 weeks after surgery than I was before the surgery.  That can't be a bad thing.

I've been able to start biking again.  On the not so good front, my pirfiormis started acting up almost immediately.  However I saw the PT again and we may have uncovered the issue within my SI joint.  After a little manipulation and some specific rehab, its already feeling considerably better.  For a change, I'm actually pretty hopeful we've finally uncovered the root cause of my issue and can resolve it by the time my foot is good enough to run on.  So even that is good news.

My weight is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I only put on about 10lbs with 2 weeks of no working out.  Changing my diet for those two weeks was never really an it is what it is.  Once this week is out I'll be biking every day and watching what I eat a bit more so those pounds should fall off pretty quick.  Not helping matters was my Crohns.  It acted up a few times forcing me to a diet of cheese burgers and chocolate shakes.  They may be yummy, but healthy and nutritious they are not.  The grease lets everything slide right through, so that's helpful.

As things are starting to get a little better for me, I've begun to look towards the summer a little bit.  We might actually get some good whether in the near biking outside would be great.  I won't while the pin is in my toe as I do enough stupid crap on need to do it on purpose. 

I'm hoping to start light running in June.  The earlier the better.  I'll start to think about potential races after that.  I'm really doubting it, but maybe Pigman in IA is an option before I go to Canada with a trip to the Austin 70.3 after that.  It will all depend on the foot as I'm not going to push it.

Allow me to leave everyone on this note:

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