Friday, June 22, 2012

Pleasant Prairie Coming up!

Well the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon is this weekend. I added myself to the roster a couple weeks back thinking I needed to get some racing in this year as the only races I had scheduled were Kansas and Racine 70.3’s.

Overall I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve had a couple training snafus in the last couple weeks, mostly self inflicted – 6 hours in the 95 degree heat at a brewers tailgate and then sitting in left field for the game without enough water. So I’ve struggled a bit with hydration, and just post-race general fatigue. I haven’t done anything terribly challenging since the race, so Sunday will be a good opportunity to open up the engines a little bit.

The weather for race morning looks like perfection. Close to 60 at 6am warming up to maybe 70 by the time the race is complete. Little to no wind.

From a goal standpoint, I want to finish top 10 and be in the top 3 for my age group. It’s tough to say what my time will be as I have not raced fast since the hamstring tear. So it will be very interesting to see what I can do in a shorter event.

Assuming the course is measured accurately I’d like to do the following:
Swim: 18min
Bike: anything below 59:59 (24.8mph)
Run anything below a 43:29 (7min/mile pace)

We’ll see what ends up happening. In the past I’ve put out enough watts on the bike to break an hour in a 40k, but have still not broken through. I have little doubt this was due to aerodynamics, bike handling, and general I am hoping my bike fit is more aero than it was 2 years ago (I know it is) and that I grow a pair and ride pretty aggressive.

If I can do the above, I should be finishing around a 2:01.30 plus transitions…so 2:03 roughly.

I would be very happy with that time. We’ll see how things go and how the hamstring holds up.

Ideally this time I won’t sprain my knee running into the water like I did 2 years ago!!

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