Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Taper Time!

Well its taper time and I'm 1.5 weeks into it. 

Last week, as is usual, was hell.  I felt like garbage, all my runs felt like crap.  Overall I was a whining cry-baby.

I chose to not work out this morning, opting to get everything in this afternoon.  And right now I feel like I am going to burst out of my body.  I can hardly contain myself.  I'm ready to bounce off the walls...thankfully I do have a 90 minute workout today.  That should help.

The weekend is fast approaching.  The forecast is for a high of 90 degrees with 17mph winds.  If we really have that kind of wind, I will have to be very disciplined on the bike.  Otherwise instead of running a 1:3x I'll end up running a 1:4x...or even worse.  That just won't do.

Bike splits on the day should be interesting depending on how the wind hits the course.  Fortunately the course is a series of out and backs hitting all basic directions.  So I'll be facing head winds for sure, but will also get the tail wind as well as some side winds.  Not good for splits, but it is a little less demoralizing and energy draining than taking the full brunt of a strong head wind for 25 miles and then getting the tail wind.  The unfortunate truth of biking and aerodynamics is that a 10mph head wind will slow you down a lot more than a 10mph tail wind will speed you up.  Wind resistance is the enemy on the bike.

Should be fun.  First race in 2 years and I'm starting to feel the nerves.  Hopefully the real heat of the day hits later in the afternoon.  My wave starts around 7:15, so I should be finished up before noon if all goes well.

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